Sterling Monogrammed Flatware

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Trends come and trends go, but classics are always in style. Quality materials assembled in an artful way with attention to symmetry and balance will always communicate good taste. This is true for architecture, furnishings, textiles, and housewares. It is particularly true in flatware.

Sterling silver is the perfect material for flatware. It is durable and strong. It becomes more beautiful with use, and with time. Designed by a master silversmith with an eye toward perfect lines and balance, a pattern will never go out of style, will never look dated, will never look "old."

Sterling Monogrammed Flatware: The Ultimate in Form and Function

Monograms on sterling silver flatware add an emotional significance to every single piece. Monograms, whether new, or vintage, are examples of a centuries-old craftsmanship. Many buy their sterling monogrammed flatware new. But more and more people are discovering the beauty of the old patterns, and rich details of vintage sterling monogrammed flatware.

While good sterling monogrammed flatware has always been in style, and will always be in good taste, one new trend that's evolved is the collection of pieces based on the beauty--not the letter--of the monogram. Style experts recommend choosing first a "style" of flatware, for instance streamlined and linear vs. ornate. This way, there is continuity to the general appearance of the table. But within that "heft" category, collectors are encouraged to simply base their selections on the aesthetic charms of the monogram itself. This focus on the monogram finally elevates this antique craftsmanship to the level it has long deserved. Choosing service pieces, made of superior materials, based on their individual beauty, results in a collection that is the ultimate in form and function.

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