Sterling Silver Baby Cups

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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My own sterling silver baby cup is one of my most treasured possessions. It's tiny, at just two and a half inches tall and two and a half inches wide. I smile in wonder at the thought that I ever was so small.

Sterling Silver Baby Cups: Never Outgrown

One of the things I love about this little cup, is that unlike my baby clothes (where are they now?) or baby blanket (which I now use to wrap the base of my Christmas tree) I actually use it fairly routinely. It often serves as an espresso cup. It's wonderful for little mini-toddies when I've got a cold. It's also served its time as a desk top item holding my collection of wheat pennies, or paper clips, and the like.

The point is that even when I physically outgrew it, I still found ways to use it. It was, and remains, a treasured, and useful possession. I carted it off to college where it held short sharpened pencils my first year, and eye-pencils my third. It held bunches of tiny flowers on the bathroom sink of my first apartment. Today I enjoy it as it was designed to be used, for little sips of favorite "treat" beverages, like the aforementioned espresso, or a short whiskey with honey.

The usefulness of a silver baby cup given to a child will outlive the toys, the clothes, and beloved blankets (usually). Its durable beauty will be enjoyed for the life of her childhood, and her adulthood as well. Very few other childhood gifts have the power and endurance of sterling silver. It is always a perfect choice.

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