Sterling Silver Gifts

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Sterling silver gifts are stylish and elegant. They are always appropriate for landmark commemorations, like graduations, weddings, births, retirement, and the like. But sterling silver gifts are good for much more than just "important" occasions. They are great everyday gifts as well.

Sterling Silver Gifts: Unique, Elegant, Thoughtful

Do you have a gal in your life--be it girlfriend, wife, sister, mother, friend, whatever--who every once-in-awhile longs for the days when girls really did just "sit around in pretty dresses eating bon-bons?" Perhaps the next time she sighs heavily over her modern burdens you could present her with a little package to lift her spirits. Chances are she'll laugh 'til she cries over a beautifully boxed, hand polished, softly glowing, vintage sterling silver bon-bon server.

For the civil war fan in your family, the next big holiday could find him holding in his hands a softly glowing, gently dented, sterling silver cup, engraved "Private Wilcox, Pea Ridge, Arkansas, 1862." For your best friend who adores shoes, all kinds, all types, what about a vintage sterling silver button hook, used for buttoning turn of the century women's shoes? Or for the friend eagerly awaiting the day her child doesn't feed from her body, how about a beautiful coin-silver, bent-handle, baby spoon to anticipate the big day?

The next time you've got a little time on your hands, "stroll" through some of the vintage sterling silver sites found online. Just slowly browsing for nothing in particular can sometimes yield amazing results. You never know what kind of unique, unexpected treasure you may discover for the next "important" gift-giving occasion.

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