Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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One of your closest friends is having a baby. You are going to the shower. But what are you going to give as a present? Finding a gift a dear friend will find appropriately meaningful--and that is lovely, useful, and won't be outgrown in the first three months of life--can be a real trick.

If you want to give a gift that will have meaning, both to the child and to the parent, then your field of options is fairly narrow. Some options might include original art to hang on a nursery wall; handmade or super high quality (like cashmere) baby blankets; vintage tapestry carpet bags for carrying diapers and such with style; and of course, vintage sterling silver baby ware. Of all these options, sterling is the best bet for long term use, beauty, and durability.

Unique Baby Shower Gifts: Vintage Sterling Silver

Vintage sterling silver baby ware is an especially fine choice for a unique baby shower gift. The quality and craftsmanship of antique ware is superior to modern equivalents. Many people find it much more beautiful, too, with its velvety patina, versus new silver's hard brilliance. One example of antique baby silver that would make a unique gift is a Reed & Barton bent-handle baby spoon. One can also find sterling silver baby cups with antique monograms featuring initials, and nearly all traditional names.

The ultimate advantage all sterling silver baby ware has over other options is that not only is it beautiful and meaningful, but it is forever useful, and may be treasured the child's entire life. Multiple uses for sterling silver baby ware can be found after little hands grow up enough to handle big-people service. After all, if one never outgrows beauty, then one never outgrows sterling.

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