Unique Silver Gifts

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Once upon a time, only the wealthiest of people enjoyed sterling silver service sets. These rarified folks enjoyed all their shiny pretties so much that they determined every single food under the sun deserved its very own little tool. And so, special utensils were created specifically for individual foods.

These items that were once taken for granted have, by-and-large, disappeared from use. Today they appear exotic, unusual, or delightfully absurd. If you like to give unique gifts, then the island of forgotten, antique silver food servers beckons you. These are particularly good gifts for people who love dining, history, or just unusual and fun conversation starters.

Unique Silver Gifts: Marvyda's Marvelous Bon-Bon Tongs

Among the most unique silver gifts out there are bon-bon servers, tongs, and spoons. These were designed specifically to delicately collect the little bon-bon, or, if using the spoon, the little bon-bons, and transfer them either to a bon-bon server, or to the slack mouth of the nearest dilettante. Many people have entire collections of bon-bon utensils. Some of the most endearing are those bearing engravings of women's names, like Priscilla, Mathilda, and Daphne.

Other unique, unusual silver gifts are food-specific spoons. Turn-of-the-century designers were just plumb crazy about spoons. If you've got friends who have favorite foods, then by golly, there's a sterling silver spoon set out there to meet his needs. We've got sterling silver marrow spoons, and 5 o'clock spoons, jam spoons, tea spoons, coffee spoons, parfait spoons, pudding spoons, ice cream spoons, soup spoons, ragout spoons, mustard spoons, berry spoons, and more. The next time your friend with the passion for Texas red grapefruit has a birthday, chances are nobody else would think to give him a big bag of the pink wonders, along with a velvet boxed set of six sterling silver vintage grapefruit spoons. And of course, gifts like these aren't just unique and possibly funny; they're little treasures, really, and have all the possibilities of becoming a treasured, if amusing, family heirloom.

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