Vintage Gifts

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Vintage gifts, especially when made of precious metals or gems, can be a potent symbol of romantic love or deep friendship. Antique items, like jewelry, personal objects, or elegant objects d'art have by definition survived 50 years or more. Giving a vintage gift suggests the relationship, too, will last the test of time.

Vintage Gifts: Enduring Romance

Beyond just the obvious choice of gems and jewelry, there are many thoughtful gifts from which to choose. You could present the woman in your life with a vintage sterling silver opera bag, containing two tickets to La Boheme. Or an antique sterling silver brush and mirror set could imply you will always find her beautiful.

For men, sterling silver accessories have always been chic. There will always be card and cigarette holders, tie and money clips, watches and fobs. But the fella in your life might also love to receive a gift box containing a monogrammed sterling silver vintage flask, complete with little cups, plus tickets for the two of you to his favorite outdoor winter sport. Or perhaps a vintage, monogrammed sterling silver man's watch case, designed to contain a gentleman's jewelry at night--this could be an elegant way to invite your man to move in with you.

There is an inherent romance about objects from the past. When presented as a gift to one who is emotionally important, that essential romance is intensified. Vintage gifts present a unique way to say one's love will endure.

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