Vintage Silver Monograms

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Whether or not the monogram on a piece of vintage flatware has value depends entirely upon point of view. For the person striving to build a unified silver and who doesn't want any initials on their knives but their own, the monogram on that otherwise perfect turkey carver is a drawback. However, for those who collect pieces heavy with history and mystery, the ornate W makes the piece worth its weight in sterling.

Vintage Silver Monograms: If These Tongs Could Talk

Silver serving pieces with vintage monograms can be reminiscent of stories by William Faulkner and Daphne du Maurier. Why are they for sale? Did they survive their owners? For what occasions were they used? Who is "Lillian," the child who ate with that little spoon? Who were "D" and "B," the onetime owners of the 1890s oyster fork set?

Vintage silver monograms can be thrilling for people with full imaginations, and a wondrous curiosity about the past. Some people collect exclusively silver pieces which bear these vintage monograms, searching always for the piece with the greatest potential for romance, mystery, history, or tragedy. Sterling pieces were typically engraved to herald a life change: i.e., graduation, marriage, birth of a child, etcetera. As a result, every piece of vintage monogrammed silver has a story.

There are some very intriguing online antique silver shops which deal exclusively with vintage monogrammed silver pieces. Collectors, or gift buyers, can search by monogram, by pattern, or type of piece. For those who love spending hours wandering through quiet silver shops, these online boutiques offer all the happy wandering without any of the dust.

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