Vintage Silverware

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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My grandmother had a really beautiful set of sterling silver. When I was little, we used to polish it together. But never too much; she liked the golden glow of the hard-earned patina. She taught me to always empty out and put away the salt shakers so they'd stay pretty for important meals. However, she always encouraged me to enjoy my milky tea with the beautiful, ornately patterned silver teaspoons.

Someone else now has that beautiful service. But thanks to vintage silverware sites online, I am slowly but surely building up my very own collection. And the fact that I'm buying vintage silverware, rather than brand new, only increases its value in my eyes. I may not have polished those very salad forks, but someone did, probably the same years I did, before the same big holidays. I find the vintage silverware comforting and familiar in a way that new pieces could never be.

Vintage Silverware: Older is Better

Vintage silverware sites allow shoppers to browse their inventory by pattern, by maker, by type of utensil, and by monogram. This allows users to do routine checks for what they're looking for. And fortunately, there are image libraries so one doesn't have to memorize the names of all the patterns when searching. Shoppers can just look at the item and instantly tell whether or not it's the right piece.

Now, before big holidays, I polish my own lovely, albeit humble, sterling service. Small as it is, however, it brings me joy, and makes my table so beautiful. I still put away the salt shakers after Christmas. But I do enjoy my milky tea every day with my lovely sterling spoon.

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