Souvenirs From Paris

Written by stynak
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Getting a prized souvenir from Paris is an endeavor that many travelers wish to attain. There is more to Paris souvenirs than their prices. The value of the souvenir is the most significant thing to whoever you give the present. Therefore, you should know where to get these prized Paris souvenirs.

Stop at designer depots while in Paris. These are small boutiques which house cheap vintage designer garbs that will impress your loved ones. You can get anything from a Chanel suit to an Yves St. Laurent dress at a huge discount.

Consider stopping at Chercheminippes. This is a string of 5 shops that are in the 6th district. Every shop specializes in a specific niche: designer clothes, children wear, men’s fashion, women’s wear and home decoration.

Your next option should be the Place Furstenberg. Located between Seine and St. Germaine-des-Pres, this is a perfects meeting point for lovers. You can buy vintage furniture, toiletries, silverware, linen, glassware and other home decoration items.

If you fancy gardening items, then the Le Cedre Rouge du Prince Jardinier is your stop. There are local furniture like tables and chairs made from teak, volcanic stone, marble and travertine. Have a look at the gardening and decoration tools that you can cheaply have in the sore.

For indoor objects, The Red Cedar of the Prince Gardener is the store to visit. Get your candle holders, Christmas decorations, vintage glassware, unique umbrellas, among other indoor items at this store.

The above stores will help you get a nice souvenir for your people back home.

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