Bear Dipping Wax

Written by Diane Sievert
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Bear dipping wax isn't always easy to find--is that really much of a surprise? If you want some Starbucks coffee, I can pretty much guarantee you that you can find some within a five-mile radius of wherever you're currently standing, but bear dipping wax is a whole other story. There are, however, a few places you can go if you're on a quest for bear dipping wax.

Where to Find Bear Dipping Wax

One place to look for bear dipping wax is a premium candle store. A soy wax is considered by many to be the best kind of wax for bear dipping. Some candle stores actually carry blocks of wax for those who like to design their own candles and this wax can be melted down and used as bear dipping wax.

Another place to turn for bear dipping wax is a craft store. Most craft stores may not carry specialized bear dipping wax, but they might have a candle-making section. Like the wax blocks at the aforementioned candle stores, this wax can be used for the bear dipping project.

As always, the Internet is yet another resource for bear dipping wax. Since you can find almost anything on the Internet, one would think that bear dipping wax would be no exception. There are actually several online craft suppliers that carry bear dipping wax for all your bear dipping needs.

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