Homecoming Mum Supplies

Written by Diane Sievert
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Getting homecoming mum supplies is the first step if you plan on making homecoming mums this football season. If you begin the project and find you're missing some key supplies, you'll have to put the whole thing on hold and if you have several student volunteers helping you out, the change in schedule will be all the more chaotic. It's best to amass all the homecoming mum supplies before you get started.

A List of Homecoming Mum Supplies

The first thing you'll need is the base for the mums; simple mum backs can be purchased at most well-stocked craft stores. Once you've got the back, you'll need the mums. Some people prefer to use real mums while others like the sturdiness of fake mums--the choice is up to you.

The backing and the mums are the basics, but you'll want a large assortment of ribbon and garlands to drape from the backing. Some people also like dressing up their mums with little trinkets. You can use the same little plastic decorations people use in scrapbooks to trim your homecoming mums.

When you're shopping for homecoming mum supplies, don't forget the tools. All the other stuff will be useless if you don't have some arts and crafts basics, i.e., glue, scissors, staplers, etc. Once you have all these homecoming mum supplies, you're ready to get started!

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