Homecoming Supplies

Written by Diane Sievert
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Rounding up homecoming supplies is one of the first things you must do to make sure your school's homecoming is a big hit. And just a bit of advice: don't wait until the last minute. Remember that everyone's homecoming is around the same time (at least within the same couple of weeks) so if you procrastinate, you may find all the local stores sold out of the basic homecoming supplies.

A Guide to Homecoming Supplies

One of the traditions most often associated with homecoming are the homecoming mums. Homecoming mums are large corsages complete with mums, ribbons, and lots of little decorations. When it comes to buying supplies for homecoming mums, it's smart to think wholesale; you can save quite a bit if you avoid buying retail.

Screen print t-shirts are another one of the most common types of homecoming supplies. Selling t-shirts that have a school specific design on the front that celebrates that year's homecoming is a great way to raise money. Some schools even run a competition where the students compete to see who can design the most interesting and attractive homecoming t-shirt.

Selling stuffed animal mascots is another great way to make money during the homecoming season. If your school mascot is the lion, you should have no trouble finding a wholesale plush supplier that can get you a huge shipment of stuffed lions. Give the stuffed lion a little t-shirt with your school's name on the front and you've got a homecoming souvenir that everybody is going to love!

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