Plush Bud Vase Huggers

Written by Diane Sievert
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Plush bud vase huggers are an easy way to dress up a simple flower arrangement. Some people feel that single stemmed flowers, even ones that come in a vase, are just too plain and look chintzy. Throw in some plush bud vase huggers and it's a whole different story.

Why Buy Plush Bud Vase Huggers?

We all know just how expensive flowers can be. A dozen roses may be expensive during peak season (Valentine's Day, Mother's Day) but they're hardly cheap the rest of the year. Buying a single stemmed rose or other flower is a great way to save money if you love giving flowers but can't afford a huge, elaborate arrangement.

However, if you're worried that a single stemmed flower may look like a cheap gift, consider dressing up the flower with plush bud vase huggers. Designed to fit around the base of a thin vase, these cute little guys are a great way to add some more interest to the single flower. Even better, the stuffed animal will be a gift that lasts long after the flowers have expired.

Some plush bud vase huggers are even themed so you can send just the right message along with your arrangement. If you want that special someone to know just how much you love him/her, try a teddy bear holding a heart. If you're sending the recipient congratulations on his or her graduation, consider a duck wearing a graduation robe and cap.

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