Plush Stuffed Animals

Written by Diane Sievert
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Plush stuffed animals make great gifts for boys and girls, teens and adults. Everyone loves plush stuffed animals, even if one is too scared to admit it. Case in point: my junior high boyfriend would make fun of girls who went gaga for stuffed animals, but he loved my Kermit doll so much he stole it!

Plush Stuffed Animals Are Here to Stay!

Every time I look at baby pictures I am amazed at the number of stuffed animals that appear somewhere in the frame. And it's the same for my mother's baby pictures and her mother's baby pictures and so on. It seems stuffed animals have been popular baby gifts for some time now and last I checked, it appears they are still en vogue.

Plush stuffed animals are the best kind of stuffed animals because they're so soft and squishy. No one wants to cuddle with a rough or hard stuffed animal, and babies in particular will be attracted to the softness associated with plush stuffed animals. So make it plush if you think that stuffed animal will be following its owner into bed.

And remember--plush stuffed animals aren't just for babies. Dressing them up for special occasions is a great way to sell them to adults. Adding a few ribbons or miniature clothes will make the animal a decorative toy every adult is sure to love.

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