Plush Toy Wholesale

Written by Diane Sievert
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Buying plush toy wholesale is a great idea as long as you have a sound marketing strategy in mind. Remember, plush toy wholesale shipments tend to be rather large, so you must plan ahead. If you don't, you could end up with a lot of extra inventory on your hands.

How to Make Use of Plush Toy Wholesale

Plush toy wholesale can have many uses and most of those uses are gift oriented. However, there are several different ways to market plush toys as gifts. For instance, simple plush toys make great presents for young ones who want a little something to keep them company during the darkest hours of night (especially if that night light isn't doing the trick).

Plush toys also make good gifts for teens and adults. The key to making this marketing strategy work is dressing the toy up to celebrate or recognize a specific occasion. For example, wedding-themed teddy bears, Easter-dressed bunnies and duckies and Christmas-themed plush sell to eager customers year after year.

The other way to sell plush toys is to market them as decorative items. When Halloween rolls around next year, see if you can sell some costumed teddy bears! Propped up in the bay window or sitting pretty on the dining room table, these decorative plush toys can be the perfect addition to any home's traditional holiday decorations.

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