Texas High School Mascots

Written by Diane Sievert
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Texas high school mascots are an integral part of school life in the Lone Star state. Most Texans take their school sports teams quite seriously and the mascot is therefore a symbol of school pride and loyalty. If you want to raise some money for school expenses, you can take advantage of this loyalty by selling stuffed mascots to students, parents and alumni.

Popular Texas High School Mascots

Some of the most popular Texas high school mascots reflect the lifestyle associated with Texas. For instance, the Stallion is one of the most popular Texas high school mascots, as is the Bronco. However, other less common Texas high school mascots still reflect aspects of a Texan existence; take, for example, the Rattlesnakes and the Harvesters.

Thanks to the variety of stuffed animals available in this day and age, you can be sure to find your school's mascot from at least one wholesale plush supplier. Even something as random as a rattlesnake is sure to be found somewhere. And if necessary, you can always turn to the Internet and order stuffed animals from the other side of the world if you need to.

If, however, you can't find a plush toy version of your school mascot (the Harvesters might be a hard find), there are other options. Try dressing up a teddy bear in a screen print shirt done in school colors. If the mascot name is plastered across the front, it should work just fine.

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