Wholesale Bear Dipping

Written by Diane Sievert
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Wholesale bear dipping supplies aren't always easy to find and many people disagree about the basic ingredients required to make a dipped teddy bear. For instance, some people insist that you need soy wax to properly dip a bear while others believe that any kind of wax will work. There are, however, some basic supplies needed that you can purchase from any wholesale bear dipping supplier.

A Guide to Wholesale Bear Dipping Supplies

The first and most obvious bear dipping necessity is the bear itself. Any old teddy bear isn't going to do the trick. What you need is a plush teddy bear that will completely absorb the wax; a teddy bear that isn't plush won't be absorbent enough for the project.

The next item on the wholesale bear dipping supply list is the wax. Some people say that any kind of wax will work, but soy wax is recommended for its particular kind of consistency. If want to add scent or color to your bear, you may want to purchase some fragrant oils and/or wax dyes.

Other wholesale bear dipping supplies that will make the whole process a lot easier are the following: rubber gloves, a comb, and a cooling rack. Hot wax can result in severe burns, so it's a good idea to wear rubber gloves throughout the entire bear dipping process. The cooling rack will let you shape the bear into the desired pose while the comb is needed to brush out the fur once the wax has cooled slightly.

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