Wholesale Floral Supplies

Written by Diane Sievert
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Wholesale floral supplies include quite a few items that may not immediately leap to mind. After all, when most people think about the stock of a flower shop, all they think of are flowers and vases. But as anyone who has run a successful flower shop can tell you, there's a whole lot more you'll need.

A Guide to Wholesale Floral Supplies

Yes, it's true, the majority of your stock will be comprised of flowers, greenery and vases. There are, however, many other little wholesale floral supplies you'll need to have on hand. For instance, not everyone wants her flowers in a vase and you'll need a large amount of cellophane on hand for wrapping up flower arrangements.

Decorations are another area of wholesale floral supplies that deserves some serious attention. A couple of rolls of brightly colored ribbon won't be enough to satisfy some of your pickier customers. You should also consider investing in plush bud vase huggers and other little trinkets that you can use to dress up simple flower arrangements and other gift products.

Flower enhancements are likewise most important. Dyes and glitters, for instance, can be used on regular daisies to make them more holiday specific. And don't forget the flower food--some customers will actually feel ripped off if you don't include a little packet of flower food as part of their flower arrangements.

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