Wholesale Florist Supplies

Written by Diane Sievert
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Wholesale florist supplies can be had at a much cheaper price than retail florist supplies, though I suppose that in and of itself is no great surprise. What is surprising is the number of different supplies available to florists. After all, you'll need a lot more than flowers if you plan on running a successful flower shop.

Various Types of Wholesale Florist Supplies

Flowers are obviously the most necessary when it comes to ordering wholesale florist supplies and there are several different ways you can go about ordering them. Some florists choose to attend the wholesale flower markets that take place once or twice a week and buy their flowers direct from the growers. Other florists make arrangements ahead of time with wholesale flower suppliers and have their stock delivered in order to save time.

However, flowers aren't the only kind of wholesale florist supplies worth having. Cellophane, vases and other kinds of packaging are also basic florist necessities you can save a lot of money on by buying wholesale. If you plan ahead of time and order larger shipments when special occasions (i.e., Valentine's Day and Mother's Day) are near, you'll avoid running out of supplies and having to pay retail at peak times.

Last but not least, when shopping for wholesale florist supplies, you'll also want to consider decorations. Flower enhancements (glitter, dyes and whatnot), ribbon and plastic decorative stems can all make an arrangement more attractive. A good florist will want to have a fair number of these decorations on hand in order to personalize any arrangement to suit the customers' needs.

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