Wholesale Homecoming Supplies

Written by Diane Sievert
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Wholesale homecoming supplies are a wise investment if you think your student body has some strong school spirit. You can sell homecoming trinkets to raise money for various school expenses. When homecoming time rolls around this year, you should consider what your students could do with wholesale homecoming supplies.

Basic Types of Wholesale Homecoming Supplies

One of the most traditional ways of raising money during homecoming is through the sales of homecoming mums. These corsages are made with mums (sometimes real and sometimes fake), ribbons, garlands, and other kinds of decorative supplies. Purchasing wholesale homecoming supplies is one way to cut expenses when your student volunteers go to make the mums.

Some students make spectacularly intricate mums complete with miniature stuffed animals. The stuffed animal (generally the school mascot) can be attached to same base as the mums. Another way to spruce up the mums is to attach all kinds of little trinkets and charms (usually plastic in nature) to the base or the garlands.

Another popular way to raise money during homecoming is through the sale of school mascots. If your school mascot is the cougar, consider selling little stuffed cougars to loyal students, alumni and family members. Many of the businesses that sell wholesale homecoming supplies also sell team mascots.

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