Wholesale Plush Bears

Written by Diane Sievert
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Wholesale plush bears can be an inexpensive purchase if you put them to good use. There are many different ways to sell the bears. All you need are a few extra supplies and a little bit of imagination.

How to Sell Those Wholesale Plush Bears

So you've ordered a huge shipment of wholesale plush bears and now you're wondering what to do with them. If selling them as simple teddy bears free from enhancement isn't working, there are other ways. For instance, adding the teddy bear to a gift basket is a great way to move the inventory.

Another way to sell wholesale plush bears is to dress them up for special occasions. When Valentine's Day rolls around, add some red or pink ribbon to a white teddy bear and you've got a perfect Valentine's Day present. Sell the bear with a heart-shaped box of chocolate covered cherries and you've got yourself a product that will be flying off the shelves.

Last but not least, today's arts and crafts circles can make good use of simple plush bears. Miniature plush bears can be made into Christmas ornaments and larger plush bears can be dipped in scented wax to make decorative air fresheners. Advertise the bears as a basis for a crafty project and you'll have those arts and crafts hobbyists banging down your door.

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