Wholesale Stuffed Bears

Written by Diane Sievert
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Selling wholesale stuffed bears is a booming business and with good reason. Even though teddy bears have been around for over a century, you will always find a core group of people who value them. That's what makes wholesale stuffed bears such a profitable investment--there are so many different ways to market them!

How to Market Wholesale Stuffed Bears

The most obvious target audience for wholesale stuffed bears is the typical child. I have yet to meet a child who hasn't had and loved a teddy bear at some point in his or her life. A cute little teddy bear has been one of the most popular gifts for children for many decades; a child's gift is perhaps the easiest and most common way to market teddy bears.

But children aren't the only ones who can appreciate teddy bears. Many teenagers and adults also find these little guys adorable, especially if they've been dressed up to celebrate a particular occasion. Wedding bears, Christmas bears and Valentine's Day bears are just a few examples of the ways teddy bears can be used to recognize holidays or special events.

The arts and crafts circuit is another group that values teddy bears. Teddy bears can be used in all kinds of arts and crafts projects; bear dipping and bear decorating are two of the most popular craft projects that involve teddy bears. Wholesale stuffed bears are a great product for those who plan on doing projects with teddy bears.

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