Wholesale Stuffed Dogs

Written by Diane Sievert
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Wholesale stuffed dogs are a reliable investment for gift shop owners provided you plan on marketing them correctly. If you try to cut expenses by ordering nothing more than a huge shipment of stuffed pugs, you'll end up in trouble. Plan ahead and invest in a variety of wholesale stuffed dogs for a profit you'll have to see to believe.

Tips of Buying and Selling Wholesale Stuffed Dogs

The first thing you need to do is decide how you plan to use these wholesale stuffed dogs. If you simply want some extra cuddly, plush puppies to add to baby gift baskets, you've already got a sense of what to buy. If you want to offer a variety of breeds for the avid stuffed dog collector, you'll need a different kind of inventory.

Once you've got a sense of what to buy, you need to decide to market the stuffed dogs. A simple stuffed dog in and of itself won't be too difficult to sell, but there are ways to help sell the merchandise that may not be as popular. If you buy a variety of stuffed dogs and end up with one group that just doesn't sell, there are things you can do.

Try dressing the dogs up with some fancy ribbons or cute clothing. For instance, add a Santa hat and some ribbon to that stuffed dog and you've got a great Christmas present. Adding miniature screen print tees that identify the dog with a particular month, astrological sign or near-by school are other ways you can market the harder-to-sell stuffed dogs.

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