Wholesale Stuffed Teddy Bears

Written by Diane Sievert
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Buying wholesale stuffed teddy bears is not a cheap move, even though you're saving money by purchasing the teddy bears wholesale. Remember that a wholesale shipment is a large one and you'll need to be sure, before you sign on the dotted line, that you can use all those teddy bears. There are, however, several reasons to consider buying wholesale stuffed teddy bears.

Reasons to Buy Wholesale Stuffed Teddy Bears

One reason to buy wholesale stuffed teddy bears is to sell them as is, but selling plain old teddy bears may take a while. Wholesale stuffed teddy bears can also be used to dress up gift baskets or celebrate special occasions. If you market them correctly, teddy bears can be the perfect gift for every occasion.

Another reason to buy wholesale stuffed teddy bears is if you have a school fundraiser coming up. All you have to do is add some ribbon or t-shirts to the bears (make sure they're in school colors) and you've got a great fund-raiser item. If you can get student or parent volunteers to decorate the bears with school spirit, you can make quite a profit.

Wholesale stuffed teddy bears are also a wise buy if you can use them in arts and crafts projects. Decorate the bears in bride and groom outfits and use them for decoration at a bridal shower or engagement party or dip the bears in scented wax to make ornamental air fresheners. Use your imagination and there's no end to the uses for stuffed teddy bears!

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