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Written by Sarah Provost
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Why pay convenience store prices when you can buy cigarettes online for a fraction of the cost? If you haven't been aware of the incredible number of sites where you can buy cigarettes online, start planning what to do with your extra money. Native American sites, duty-free overseas sites and wholesale sites all offer cigarettes at deep discounts.

Tax Savings when You Buy Cigarettes Online

If you buy a pack of cigarettes in New Jersey, you're paying more than twenty dollars a carton in taxes alone! In fifteen states, you're paying more than a dollar a pack in taxes, and that number is constantly going up. Circumventing these taxes can produce a substantial savings when you buy cigarettes online

Native American sites, which sell from tribal lands, are a primary source of discount cigarettes. Because each tribe's domain is considered to be a sovereign nation, tax laws that apply to the town next door don't apply to them. Since they don't have to charge taxes, they can sell exactly the same cigarettes at a much lower price.

The same principal applies to duty-free sites. Like the licensed shops in airports or near borders, these sites are allowed to import cigarettes without paying the customary duty. Thus they can save you money two ways: by buying cigarettes from countries where labor is cheaper, and by saving the duty that would bring the price up to American levels. Be aware that the quality of cigarettes produced offshore may vary.

Buy Cigarettes Online for Greater Brand Selection

Another way you can save money when you buy cigarettes online is through brand selection. Most online smoke shops offer cigarettes in three categories: premium brands, such as Marlboro, Camel and Kool; generics, such as Basic, GPC and Doral; and a third class, variously known as "economy brands," "value brands," etc. These are brands you don't see anywhere else, such as Axis, Primo and Wave.

These "value brands" can save you even more money. Like copycat perfumes, many of these brands offer a lower-price product that corresponds to a premium brand. Marathon, for instance, is named and packaged to suggest Marlboro. At one random site, Marathons go for $14.99 a carton, while Marlboros are $34.99.

One problem with ordering off-brands is that you can't buy just a pack to see whether you like them. Sites where you can buy cigarettes online ship a carton as the absolute minimum, and you get further price breaks by ordering more cartons at any one time. Some sites offer a "taster carton," one pack each of ten different value brands. That's an excellent way to find a really cheap cigarette that you can enjoy.

Convenience stores can charge their high prices because they're, well, convenient! If you run out of cigarettes, you can run out to the store. When you buy cigarettes online, you need to plan ahead, but it's well worth it. I've been buying value brand cigarettes online for about a dollar a pack for several years now. When I fail to reorder on time and have to pay over five dollars a pack for generics, I'm very grateful to sovereign nations and their smoke shops.

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