Cheap Benson & Hedges

Written by Sarah Provost
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Want to buy cheap Benson & Hedges cigarettes? Online smoke shops can give you what you're looking for. B&H are among the many premium brands of cigarettes that are sold for half their retail price or less on the Internet. How do they manage to give you such deep discounts?

Tribal and Duty-Free Sites Offer Benson & Hedges Cigarettes

Duty-free shops in airports can sell imported products without charging the normal tariffs because they are not considered to be on American soil. The same assumption holds true for duty-free sites on the Net. Imported cigarettes, such as those cheap Benson & Hedges you're looking for, are imported from European, Asian or South American sources. They are received into bonded warehouses, and shipped from the same warehouse, never passing through an American retail outlet. For this reason, they are exempt from tariffs.

Native American sites can offer a similar advantage. When the federal government recognized Native American tribes as sovereign entities, that meant that tribal lands are under the governance of the tribe, not the state. They enact their own regulations, and punitive taxes on cigarettes aren't among them. If you live near tribal land, you can play the slots, buy cheap Benson & Hedges cigarettes and fill up with untaxed gas for the trip home! If you're not that lucky geographically, you can still get the tax-free cigarettes online. (Now if only they'd figure out a way to ship gasoline!)

Be aware that cigarettes imported from Europe may taste a little different from the ones you buy locally. Also, duty-free sites have strict shipping regulations, so your order will arrive piecemeal over several days, and there may be a limit on how many cartons you can order at one time. But when you consider the money you're saving, these are minor considerations indeed.

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