Cheap Camel Cigarettes

Written by Sarah Provost
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Cheap Camel cigarettes--that sounds like the Holy Grail for devotees of this very popular premium brand. The price of a pack of premium smokes in New York City stands now at about $7.50 a pack. About three dollars of that comes from combined state and local taxes, and that's where the good news starts.

Order Cheap Camel Cigarettes from Tax-Free Websites

Lands belonging to Native American tribes are considered sovereign nations. For that reason, they aren't bound by the laws of the country around them--including tax laws. Take away the taxes, and that pack of Camels is about $4.50, a significant improvement.

The old slogan said, "I'd walk a mile for a Camel." But if you live in New York City, you probably don't have any Native American land within that radius. That's where technology comes in. You can buy cheap Camel cigarettes online from Native American websites, and save a bundle. Duty-free sites, which import cigarettes from other countries, also offer cheap Camel cigarettes online. The quality of offshore cigarettes varies, and some brands taste differently in other countries, so don't order ten cartons at once until you're sure you like them.

Comparison shopping is important when ordering cigarettes online. Prices vary widely. A quick scan of current prices shows a range from $30 a carton to $13! Be aware, though, that shipping charges also vary widely. One site might sell cartons for $15 and ship free, while another sells for $13 but charges $8 for shipping. Your decision would have to take into account how many cartons you were ordering. Note that duty-free shops cannot take orders for more than five cartons at a time, and they will be shipped to you in five separate mailings.

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