Cheap Cartier Cigarettes

Written by Sarah Provost
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It isn't easy to find Cartier cigarettes at your local convenience store, and finding cheap Cartier cigarettes is even more difficult. Can you imagine finding Cartier Vendome Lights for $22 a carton? That's what you might pay when you buy cheap Cartier cigarettes online.

Buying Cartier Cigarettes Online

More than fifteen percent of smokers now buy their cigarettes from online sites. The majority of these buy American premium brands, such as Winston and Marlboro. Another large segment purchases generic or value brands. For both of these groups, the deep discounts offered online are the greatest incentives.

There's another group that takes advantage of online smoke shops, and that's the specialty cigarette buyer. With increasing regulations on smoking, a lot of little amenities have gone by the wayside. Restaurants no longer give out free matchbooks or offer you an ashtray engraved with their logo. Classic cigarette lighters had already given way to the ubiquitous disposable, and cigarette holders and silver cases were remnants of an earlier age.

Smoking and elegance no longer seem such natural partners. That's one reason why smokers of specialty cigarettes exhibit such stubborn brand loyalty in the face of increasing difficulties. Just as fast as specialty smoke shops have been closing their doors, online shops have been proliferating. Now you can once again find your brand-and at a discount!

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missing my Cartier cigs

the specialty tobacco shops are really on the verge of extinction now. good thing there's online shopping to fill the void. i got some Cartier cigs as a gift a while back and since I used up that stash I have been trying to find some more, to no avail. Looking online for them didn't really occur to me before now, but I should have thought of it before. anyway, thanks!

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