Cheap Chesterfield Cigarettes

Written by Sarah Provost
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Classic brands of cigarettes such as Chesterfield, Pall Mall and Old Gold are both scarce and expensive these days--except in cyberspace, where you can buy cheap Chesterfield cigarettes and have them delivered right to your door! If you're a long-time devotee of the Chesterfield brand, you'll be happy to learn that most online smoke shops carry them. No more frustrating searches for your favorite smoke--and deep discounts to boot!

Online smoke shops are able to provide you with cheap Chesterfields because they are exempt from taxes and tariffs. Native American sites are not subject to state and local regulations, so they don't have to levy taxes. Duty-free shops import cheaper cigarettes from overseas, then ship them from bonded warehouses to escape paying tariffs. (Be aware that European cigarettes, especially the classic brands, may have a slightly different flavor.)

Compare Sites to Find the Best Deal on Chesterfield Cigarettes

Comparison shopping is the order of the day when buying cigarettes online. Sites offer rotating specials, so the site with the best price today may not offer the best next time you order. A quick search today yielded prices from $11 to $19 a carton. Be sure to consider shipping charges when calculating your price per pack.

Several states are trying to pass legislation that would take away the tax-free status of online smoke shops. These bills are backed by a strong coalition of anti-smoking activists and brick-and-mortar store owners, who are losing customers to online sites.

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