Cheap Cigarette Cartons

Written by Sarah Provost
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Are you aware that you can buy cheap cigarette cartons online? Through duty-free sites, sites based on Native American land, and wholesale sellers, you can realize significant savings. With the price of cigarettes skyrocketing due to tax increases and huge judgments on lawsuits, smokers are looking to save money however they can.

There's a huge selection of cheap cigarette cartons to choose from online. Premium brands such as Camels and Winstons are available on almost every site (and there are over six thousand sites!). Most sites also offer a selection of generic and "economy" brands. Generics, such as Basic and Doral, are usually available in stores for slightly less than premium brands. But it's the economy brands that sell for rock-bottom prices.

Economy Brands for Cheap Cigarette Cartons

These are the brands you're not likely to find at your neighborhood supermarket. Brands such as Primo, Magna and Optiva are usually imported from countries where labor is cheaper. Their quality varies, but if you find a brand you like, you can get them for as little as ten dollars a carton.

If your tastes run to the finer brands, you can still find relatively cheap cigarette cartons on the duty-free websites. Ultra-premium brands and fine imports such as Gauloises, English Ovals, Gitanes and Cartiers generally sell for $30-40 dollars a carton. While that's a far cry from ten-dollar Optivas, it's still an amazing savings compared to brick-and-mortar specialty cigarette shops.

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