Cheap Cigarettes Duty Free

Written by Sarah Provost
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People are finding that they can buy cheap cigarettes duty free from the Internet. Duty-free sites abound, and can offer premium American brands, superpremium brands, generics and subgenerics. Whatever type of cigarette you want, you can get it cheaper at a duty-free site.

Cheap Cigarettes Duty Free: Here's How it Works

Cigarettes sold at duty-free sites, even standard American brands such as Marlboro and Winston, are made overseas, in Europe, Asia, South America or Africa. They can be produced more cheaply there because of lower labor costs. Normally, when such a product is imported into the United States, a tariff is charged to bring its price up, so it won't be too competitive with American-made goods.

However, if you went to another country and returned to the United States, you would be entitled to bring in one carton of cigarettes for your own personal use without having to pay a duty on it. When you buy cheap cigarettes duty free, they ship them to you in parcels, one carton per package. In that way, you are considered to be importing them for your personal use. For the same reason, most sites limit the number of cartons you can order within a certain time frame. There's nothing illegal about buying cigarettes duty free. Be aware, however, that you cannot resell them.

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