Cheap Kool Cigarettes

Written by Sarah Provost
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Ordering cigs online takes a little more effort and forethought than running to the corner store, but the tremendous savings are worth it. When you order from an online smoke shop, you can have your cheap Kool cigarettes for about half of what you'd pay retail.

Sites for Cheap Kool Cigarettes

Most of the cheap Kool cigarettes you'll find online come from Native American sites. The reason they are so much cheaper is because tribal lands don't have to impose taxes; they are considered sovereign nations and not bound by state and local regulations. Since taxes on a pack of cigarettes can range up to two dollars a pack, you can see why the savings are significant.

Comparison shopping is very important when you're buying cigarettes online. Each site offers specials, so you need to search a few to find the best price for your brand. Be sure to take shipping charges into account, as these also vary widely. You can often get free shipping with a minimum order.

I have ordered from many different sites and find the service to be excellent. You do have to delay gratification for 5 to 10 days while you wait for delivery, but a little advance planning is worth it when you can realize such huge savings. Besides, even at the local convenience store, you can't shop in your pajamas!

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