Cheap Lucky Strike Cigarettes

Written by Sarah Provost
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Wouldn't you like to have cheap Lucky Strike cigarettes delivered right to your door? These days, it takes a little looking to find Luckys at all, and when you do, you pay dearly. Fortunately, these days we also have Internet shopping.

Order Cheap Lucky Strike Cigarettes from Online Smoke Shops

You'll have no difficulty at all finding Luckys online. Almost every site carries them, often in several varieties. Prices range from $13 to $20 a carton, so do some comparison shopping for the best deal. (Don't forget to take shipping charges into account.)

How can these sites sell such cheap Lucky Strike cigarettes? Many of them originate from Native American tribal lands, and therefore don't have to levy taxes. This is because tribes are considered to be sovereign governments, and can therefore enact their own legislation. Fortunately for us, they choose not to tax tobacco.

Other sites import cheap Lucky Strike cigarettes from Europe, Asia or South America, where they can be manufactured less expensively. They are delivered into bonded warehouses and distributed straight from the warehouse, without passing through an American outlet. Thus, like duty-free shops in airports, they are exempt from levying the tariff that would bring their price up to the same level as cigarettes from American manufacturers. So you can see why more than fifteen percent of all smokers now buy their cigarettes from online smoke shops.

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great info! thanks for the tip, been paying through the nose for my cigs!!