Cheap Parliament Cigarettes

Written by Sarah Provost
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Cheap Parliament cigarettes are rare as the proverbial hen dentures these days! The brand is hard to find, and when you do find it, the price is outrageous. Fortunately, the Internet provides not just one source, but many, for cheap Parliament cigarettes. A quick search will turn up your favorite brand for prices ranging from $19 to $30 a carton.

Sites located on Native American tribal land and duty-free import sites are able to offer you cheap Parliaments because they are exempt from the taxes and tariffs that can add as much as two dollars a pack, twenty dollars a carton. Unfortunately, a coalition of anti-smoking activists and brick-and-mortar store owners, who have lost over fifteen percent of their customers to virtual smoke shops, are pushing legislation that will remove the tax advantage from online stores.

No More Cheap Parliaments for New York Smokers

If you live in New York State, you'd better stock up NOW on your favorite brand. As of June 18th, Public Health Law §1399-ll will go into effect. This law prohibits any online or mail order cigarette shipments into New York State. Online smoke shops have filed a motion to stop this, but as of now, no cigarettes will be shipped into New York after that date. (I foresee a rush on Post Offices boxes in New Jersey!)

Proponents of this bill say that it will prevent minors from ordering cigarettes online. How many teenagers do you know who are able to delay gratification that long, when they can walk into any corner store and buy a pack? If you'd like to oppose this law, now's the time to write to your elected officials and make your views known.

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