Cheap Winston Cigarettes

Written by Sarah Provost
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Cheap Winston cigarettes are darned hard to find in the world of real brick-and-mortar stores. Premium brands like Winston can go for as much as $7.50 a pack in large cities. But step into the virtual mall of online shopping, and you can find amazing bargains.

Cheap Winston Cigarettes Made in Europe

Duty-free sites are one of the best places to find cheap Winston cigarettes. These cigarettes are imported to the US from their European manufacturers, then held in bonded warehouses. Since they are shipped directly from the warehouse, they are exempt from import tariffs and local taxes, much like the stores found in airports. Since taxes can raise the price of a pack by as much as two dollars, you can see why these sites are able to offer such deep discounts.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when ordering cheap Winston cigarettes from a duty-free site. One is that cigarettes made in Europe are often formulated to a different taste. It might be wise to start with a small order to be sure you enjoy the flavor.

Also, duty-free cigarettes are subject to shipping regulations. Most duty-free sites ship your order in several parcels, no more than two cartons in each parcel. Several sites also limit the number of cartons you can order at any one time. Ordering more than the maximum can make the order subject to tariffs. These minor inconveniences, however, fade from view when you discover you are enjoying your favorite premium brand for about half the retail price.

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