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Written by Sarah Provost
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There are several ways to save by buying cigarettes online. If you smoke a premium American brand such as Winston, Kool or Marlboro, you can buy your cigarettes from a Native American or duty-free site. These sites are exempt from state and local taxes, in the case of tribal sites, or from tariffs, in the case of duty-free sites. This difference alone can save you almost fifty percent of the retail cost.

Cheaper Cigarettes Info: Value Brands

You can save even more by trying one of the many economy or value brands that are offered only by online smoke shops. These brands, such as Bronco, Skydancer and Malibu, are not distributed to retail stores. Some brands are manufactured on tribal lands, while others are imported from overseas. They therefore take advantage of both the tax or tariff exemption and the cheaper manufacturing costs offshore. In addition, they are often made by smaller manufacturers, who don't have the burden of the multi-million-dollar court settlements that plague the larger corporations.

I can even give cheaper cigarettes info to those of you who smoke imported or superpremium brands. The same duty and tax-free status applies, bringing the price of superpremiums down to equal the price of a pack of Camels. And not only will you save money on your Shermans, Gauloises and Gitanes, but you will also have the convenience of having them delivered to your door.

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