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Written by Sarah Provost
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If you haven't checked out the discount tobacco info available online, you're in for a surprise. This niche of E-commerce has grown astoundingly over the last few years. In fact, more than fifteen percent of all tobacco purchases are now made online.

Thousands of Sites for Discount Tobacco

The most cursory search will turn up an almost overwhelming number of sites. Duty-free importers and Native American sites are the vast majority, with some wholesale sites that sell to private consumers. At most of these sites, premium cigarettes sell for approximately half of their retail price.

There have been some concerns that making discount tobacco so easily available will encourage minors to smoke. While I certainly agree that all efforts should be made to discourage tobacco use, especially by minors, I don't think the availability of discount tobacco online is a major problem. Let's look at the availability of tobacco products online as compared to brick-and-mortar sources.

To buy cigarettes online, a minor would have to have access to a computer, a certain amount of savvy about finding sites, and a credit card. A minor in the real world finds cigarettes on just about every street corner. This minor can walk into a store and buy a single pack, paying cash. The minor shopping online has to buy at least a carton. The real-world shopper walks out and lights up, while the virtual shopper has to wait about ten days for the cigarettes to be delivered. (Frankly, I don't know many teenagers who are that good at delaying gratification!) Finally, the online shopper must find an adult who is willing to sign for the delivery, since almost all sites require an adult signature. Which minor do you think is more likely to purchase cigarettes?

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