Low Prices On Cigarettes

Written by Sarah Provost
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Online smoke shops are able to offer premium cigarettes at about half their retail price, and economy brands for as little as a dollar a pack. Add the convenience of having them delivered to your door, and you'll see why more than fifteen percent of smokers now buy their cigarettes online.

How Can Online Sites Offer Such Low Prices on Cigarettes?

There are two primary sources for cheaper cigarettes online. Sites based on Native American tribal land are exempt from state and local tax laws, since the tribes are a government unto themselves. Duty-free sites operate like airport shops. They import cigarettes from Europe, Asia or South America into a bonded warehouse, then distribute them from the same warehouse, without utilizing any American outlets. Therefore they are able to avoid the tariffs that would increase their prices to the same level as American-made cigarettes.

Another option for low prices is to try one of the many "value" or "economy" brands offered online. You won't find brands such as Opal, Triangle and Bronco in stores. Because they are usually made overseas by smaller manufacturers, not only can they take advantage of cheaper labor and tariff-free status, but they are also exempt from the multi-million dollar legal judgments handed down against the larger corporations such as Liggett-Myers, a cost that is handed down to consumers.

You can also find low prices on cigarettes at the other end of the spectrum. Superpremium brands such as Dunhills, English Ovals and Gauloises are available at duty-free sites for approximately the same price as you'd pay for retail Winstons.

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