Mail Order Cigarettes

Written by Sarah Provost
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Mail order cigarettes are one of the great boons of the cyber world. With taxes pushing cigarette prices into the stratosphere, smokers are increasingly turning to online smoke shops, where they can buy their favorite brands at deep discounts. Not only are mail order cigarettes cheaper, they're also more convenient. No more running out on a stormy night to your local "convenience" store.

Buy Mail Order Cigarettes Online

There are two primary sources for mail order cigarettes: tribal sites and duty-free sites. Since Native American tribes are considered to be sovereign nations, their lands are theirs to govern as they will. They are not subject to state and local regulations, and so are exempt from any taxes they don't levy themselves. Fortunately for smokers, they choose not to tax tobacco products.

Duty-free sites, like duty-free shops in airports, import their products from Europe, Asia and South America, where manufacturing costs are lower. Most imported products are subject to tariffs, which bring their price into parity with that of American-made products. By shipping to and distributing from a bonded warehouse, however, these duty-free sites can avoid paying the tariff, a saving that gets passed on to the consumer.

Mail order cigarettes can save you even more if you want to try one of the many economy brands that are only sold online. Some of these are manufactured on tribal lands. Others are made by smaller companies that are not subject to the huge financial judgments that must be paid by big corporations such as Liggett-Myers. The quality of these brands varies, but since they often sell for as little as ten dollars a carton, it's worth giving them a try.

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