Wholesale Cigarette Info

Written by Sarah Provost
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Obtaining wholesale cigarette info online is a little tricky. Many sites seem to use the word simply as a marketing term, without actually offering bulk shipments. Other sites, intended for distributors, sell in such large quantities that an individual couldn't make use of them. Where are you going to store 1,000 cigarettes, let alone keep them fresh?

Wholesale Cigarette Info for the Individual Smoker

There are, however, sites that offer wholesale cigarette info that an individual can use. At these sites, the consumer purchases a six-month or twelve-month supply of cigarettes and pays for them all at once. The cigarettes are then shipped in monthly batches, which assures freshness.

For instance, if you smoke five cartons a month, a six-month order would be for 30 cartons. You would pay the entire fee, and would receive a parcel each month containing your five cartons. When the six-month term is over, you simply renew, again paying the full amount up front. You can change or cancel your order at any time.

You should be aware that this info is intended for the individual smoker only. It is perfectly legal to receive wholesale cigarettes for your personal use. It is not legal, however, to resell these cigarettes, even if you aren't making a profit. So tell your friends to place their own orders!

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