1:18 Blackhawk

Written by Tara Peris
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1:18 Blackhawk models bring the magnificence of one of America's finest modern aircraft to life. Fly your collection into the modern war era with this perennial favorite. With its bold size, careful detail, and current importance in the military aviation field, this is a must-have item for collectors interested in modern military history.

This is the military's first and foremost choice for military combat. Whether the task involves emergency evacuation or air combat, this feisty bird is able to rise to the challenge. With versatility and grace, there is little these choppers can't manage. Since the 1970s, they have been widely employed in battles around the world.

First-Rate Toy Technology With the 1:18 Blackhawk
The 1:18 Blackhawk provides a toy helicopter that reflects the cutting edge technology of its real world counterpart in vivide detail. With durable, long lasting plastic, and minimal assembly required, these models are extremely user friendly. Most important, however, is that the coupling of careful craftsmanship and large size permits each detail to be brought alive on a scale that really flies home the impressive features of the Blackhawk.

Taken together, the impressive size and authentic detail make this plastic plane model so real you can practically feel the breeze of the chopper blades. You will duck for cover at the sight of this world-class toy helicopter or perhaps be tempted to strap in and take off. For those to whom both size and detail matter, this is a very worthwhile collector's item.

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