1:18 Cobra

Written by Tara Peris
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The 1:18 Cobra provides a rugged and lifelike model of the aircraft that was a mainstay in Vietnam and Operation Desert Storm, symbolizing a turning point in military defense technology. The authentic camouflage paint takes you right to battle frontlines and will leave you restraining your urge to break out your flight jacket and helmet. This is a large toy emblematic of the large-scale changes brought about by its real-world counterpart.

The real cobras were once the frontline choice in fully armed attack helicopters and remain a staple of the modern war era. Twin-engine fighter craft that functioned on land or sea, they allowed soldiers to fight from the skies instead of using choppers simply to transport supplies. When you bring home this plastic model aircraft, you also bring home a piece of military and aviation history.

Deliver a Fierce Sting With the 1:18 Cobra
The 1:18 Cobra is a toy helicopter that with minimal assembly brings the durability and power of this military behemoth to life. Provide your own, armed escort. These security choppers mean business and that will be evident from how they pull rank at the airport. Sidle up to deliver your own fierce sting, and show them who's in charge with this bad boy chopper.

Finally, because this model is made by those skilled craftsmen at 21st Century toys, you can be assured a top of the line product. Whether admiring the realistic detail of the cockpit, the two-barrel automatic cannon, or the lifelike pilot action figure, this is one model that will take you to new heights.

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