1:18 Fw-190

Written by Tara Peris
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1:18 Fw-190s are outstanding reproductions of the Focke-Wulf planes that flew to prominence during World War II. Their large scale and careful detail bring to life a one of a kind fighter plane with remarkable precision. For WWII buffs, this is a must-have plane to add to the collection.

1:18 Fw-190: A Seminal Piece of History
The Fw-190 earned its reputation by being a multi-faceted aircraft that could perform a variety of functions. Indeed, as a single-engine plane, it managed to do a great deal, making it a mainstay in battle. From recon missions to fighter-bombing and night-fighting, this winger beauty could do it all. It was a premiere fighter throughout the course of the war.

Like its real-world counterpart, your 1:18 Fw-190 will serve multiple purposes. It will delight young children because of its awe-inspiring size and commanding presence. It will captivate those who are interested in the history of flight technology, and it will stir nostalgia in anyone who has served.

The Fw-190 earned a central place in history, both for its versatility as an aircraft and for its pivotal role in the war. Capitalize on all this impressive 1:18 model has to offer. Whether considering it as a outrageous gift for the flight lover in your life or a plastic airplane for your own collection, this plane will earn its keep.

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