1:18 P-38

Written by Tara Peris
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The 1:18 P-38 is a one of a kind beauty. With its distinctive profile and sleek design, it's bound to get you noticed at the airport. Heads will turn at the sight of this sleek, shiny aircraft that inspired awe and fear in its day.

The original P-38 Lightening Interceptors were designed to be premiere reconnaissance flyers. Imagine yourself as a night fighter deftly maneuvering this splendid aircraft. Whether cruising at high altitudes or swinging deep into enemy action, the excitement of battle sits right before your eyes.

The Speed, Flash and Power of Lightening Combine in the 1:18 P-38
With an array of military capabilities, this was among the most versatile planes employed in World War II. The 1:18 P-38 model is equally impressive in the aviation hobby domain. Amidst an ever-expanding and competitive line of WWII plane models, the P-38 emerges as a must-have both because of its historical military role and unique shape. You'll cruise at lightening speed with this exciting top-of-the-line toy.

Some have said that the sight of the P-38 set the enemy forces quaking in their boots while simultaneously comforting allied troops. This plastic model plane is not for the weak-spirited; it is for the bold and adventurous flight enthusiast. Be the envy of your model-collecting peers with this stylish and powerful aircraft.

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