1:18 P-40

Written by Tara Peris
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The 1:18 P-40 is a rugged, large-scale flight weapon that with relatively little assembly will send you onward and upward in the world of plastic model aircraft. An aircraft of historical importance, this beautiful flyer will enhance any collection. A onetime beast of the battlefield, it must be seen to be believed.

The P-40 Warhawk was a premiere fighter during World War II. Known for its prominent role in the attack on Pearl Harbor, this crafty bird was employed by allied forces world wide in its heyday. Rapidly descending on its prey, it was an emblem of the bold, relentless American pursuit of victory.

Rugged and Reliable Fun with the 1:18 P-40
These were rugged, indestructible machines and the 1:18 P-40 replica does not neglect this fact. With this 1:18 scale model, you get durable, long lasting construction coupled with the trademark attention to detail you have come to expect from the 21st Century Toy line. As always, the magnificence of these planes is best appreciated when they come to life on a large scale.

Give yourself a seminal piece of U.S. history by adding this important aircraft to your collection. This feisty bird is well regarded and highly sought-after by collectors. If you are lucky enough to track one down, don't think twice before swooping in for capture.

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