1:18 P-47

Written by Tara Peris
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The 1:18 P-47 is a big toy that is breathtaking in its accuracy. Nicknamed the jug, this single-engine fighter plane was reputed to be among the most powerful destructive of its day. The most famous of Air Force planes, it was a strong, rugged flyer that endured battle damage and kept going.

1:18 P-47 Conjures Old World Charm
For all its durability, the P-47 was a remarkably sleek, attractive flyer. Enjoy the art deco styling of this beautiful reproduction. The characteristic D-day stripes conjure an era of 1940s glamour and old world charm. One doesn't have to be an airplane aficionado to appreciate the artistic appeal of this World War II sweetheart.

However, this plastic model aircraft is not just looks. It boasts moveable controls and hinged flaps that put you right in the seat of action. You can just picture yourself thundering through the sky in this winged beauty. It stands out among the numerous WWII plane models on the market for its impressive size and detail.

For those who are not deliciously tempted to keep this gem to themselves, this is an ideal gift. There could be nothing more perfect for your favorite war vet. When you give a model plane to one who has served, you are not simply showing your awareness of someone's hobby. Rather, you are acknowledging their brave contribution to American history in a thoughtful and meaningful way. The 1:18 P-47 provides a gift that is sure to touch those who have served, both for its striking beauty and historical importance.

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