1:18 P-51

Written by Tara Peris
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The 1:18 P-51 reflects hot new trends in aviation hobby. In particular, it combines the detail of plastic model aircraft with the durability you expect of a toy, thereby making it ideal for both adults and children. Rarely do we see size and detail so beautifully paired.

This gorgeous plane emerged during the 1940s, a heyday of aviation and military technology. The P-51 aircraft was a trusty friend to the World War II bomber crews, allowing escort fighters to remain with them well into the battle zone. Innovative in its time, the P-51 changed the face of air combat.

Travel Through Time With the 1:18 P-51
The folks at 21st Century Toys have brought the glory of this historically important aircraft home with their 1:18 P-51. Pull back the retractable landing gear and take off with a cockpit full of finely detailed instruments. It will be hard to remain grounded amidst the plentiful features of this large toy.

Whether giving this to a collector or a child, you are sure to earn favor with the recipient. Collectors will love its beautiful construction and historical accuracy. Kids will be taken by its awe-inspiring size and design and the rugged action figure who accompanies it. It is a gift guaranteed to thrill anyone who receives it.

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