1:18 Scale Models

Written by Tara Peris
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1:18 scale models require a slight attitude adjustment for some novice collectors. They require you to think outside the toy box. More specifically, they require you to think big. These are large and impressive collectible aviation toys that really must be seen in action to be appreciated. However, for those who have witnessed the awesome combination of size and precision detail provided by today's premiere aviation toy lines, there simply is no substitute.

Elevate Your Expectations with 1:18 Scale Models
Why settle for small-scale planes in the name of detail when today's 1:18 scale models give you size and high quality, authentic markings? Whether it is a detailed cockpit with an authentic control panel, a sliding canopy, or retractable landing gear, these large plastic plane models will meet even the highest standards of authenticity. Better yet, you'll be able to see that fine detail without bifocals.

More critically, these models are the only real way to appreciate the awe-inspiring grandeur of America's most famous historical aircraft. For many, tiny die cast planes simply do not do justice to history's most famous flyers. Whether you are gripped by the evolution of aviation technology and design, or more interested in military history, large-scale plastic planes bring home the bold, inventive spirit of American innovation in full form.

With this in mind, the ambitious collector knows to do one thing: make room. Push aside inferior display items and get ready to play with the big boys. Because we all know that bigger is better.

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Why no 1 18 WWI aircraft and tanks

I just can't figure out why no 1/18th Fokker DVII an DR1 as well as FT 17 (which also saw some use in WWII).