Written by Tara Peris
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BBI has long been a trusted name in high quality collectibles. They are world-renowned for their products, and are the frontline choice for collectors of action figures and large 1:18 scale models. If your goal is a realistic reproduction of long-term durability and value, this is the product line for you.

The Blue Box International (BBI) line is perhaps best known for the remarkable accuracy of its reproductions, each of which comes with a full line of accessories. Their line of Elite Force Toys is so realistic you'll be sucked into the throws of battle the minute you remove an action figure from the box. Whether it is the highly flexible plastic that allows for complex and difficult positioning or their changing facial expressions, you can practically smell the ammo packed by these rugged military bad boys.

Durable, Large-Scale Replicas from BBI
For those less interested in the men behind the machines and more inclined toward the awe-inspiring aircraft used in battle, BBI has an array of options as well. Plastic plane models of all varieties are available. These durable replicas bring to mind America's premiere aircraft with vivid detail and accuracy.

BBI toys make for great children's toys and for more sophisticated collector's items. Give that military vet an action figure of his own to display or the flight enthusiast his very own Air Force pilot. Let children of all ages be wowed by the sheer size of a 1:18 scale model. When it comes to aviation and military collectors items, these toys can't be beat.

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