Commercial Model Airplanes

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Children love commercial model airplanes. There's nothing quite like that first flight in a commercial jet when you are a kid. For many, the fascination with that first aerial adventure becomes a life time love affair.

Commercial Model Airplanes: Airport Collectibles

Gemini Jets is one of the leading manufacturers of replica commercial model airplanes. Just about any make, company and design can be found in miniature form from Gemini. Not only are these models highly detailed, but are made of die cast metal to add maximum quality and durability. They're perfect for the young aviator who may be too young for a more fragile build-it-yourself model.

One of the most important things to look out for with commercial model airplanes is detail. Take a look at the decal work on the replica. How intricate is it? If you're a real collector, you may even want to compare the model with a picture of the real thing to see how close they are appearance wise. Also look out for decal and paint application errors. The replica should be as close to perfect as possible. I have bought many a collectible that I have had to touch up myself due to paint errors. I can tell you it is not much fun, and you shouldn't have to make up for a company's lack of quality control.

Take Home the Adventure

What's best about companies like Gemini which provide such detailed, reasonably priced commercial airline models is that they can be sold at airports where they are likely to be most in demand. Airlines like United, American, or Southwest can all be represented in miniature form at the gift shop. These models make the perfect souvenir for a child's first flight.

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Model Airplanes

There is something incredibly appealing about some well made model airplanes. Some even feature details like furniture installation, hatches and accurate engine designs. Do the die cast models have these kind of details? The durability they offer sounds impressive when it comes to the wear and tear kids can have on toys they really like.